Julie "The Ripper"

"About three years ago, I was searching through YouTube for some kickboxing videos.  I was trying to put together a video workout “class” at my church and since I am not even close to being a personal trainer, I needed help from an online source.  I came across Jake’s workout #152 MMA and I tried it.  It was HARD! But I loved the challenge, and I loved the positivity.  I tried several others of Jake’s videos and I was so impressed by the thoroughness and even surprised by the natural quirky humor that popped up quite often.  I devised a workout program with several other online trainers, but I kept finding myself coming back to Jake and even comparing others to Jake.  I remember the first time I left a comment on a video and Jake actually responded to me!  Wow, the personal touch was so inspirational.  He really cared that I had completed the workout.  Even when I struggled to complete a routine or a certain move, Jake never made me feel like a failure.  I have always felt that he accepted me at my level of fitness, but he didn’t let me stay there.  The well-placed phrases in the workout to make me push harder were so perfectly timed, I often wondered if my workout area was bugged!  This guy knew how to make me work beyond MY limitations (but in a smart way).  When Jake changed his studio and had to find a new one, I was so nervous that I would not have the Jake I had grown to depend on.  He assured his followers that he would not quit.  He went through several challenges and his relentlessness paid off.  A new studio and an awesome team made RF365 what it is today.  The big boost to my consistency in working out though was in October 2017, when Jake did a one-week challenge of “live” workouts.  That one week turned into several months of daily live workouts and chats and Q&A discussions, and this community of fitness brothers and sisters was born.  We have grown into a family that has each other’s backs (and biceps, and quads and calves…).  We truly are a Fit Family and I am so grateful to be a part of it."